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Diwali Rangoli Design

Diwali Rangoli Design

Different Rangoli Designs can make any place vibrant and beautiful.
 Rangolis are one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms of India. The term Rangoli is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘rang' which means color, and ‘aavalli' which means rows or creepers. So a Rangoli is basically a row of color, weaved into a pattern of sorts. Rangoli Patterns are usually designed to resemble Nature like Peacocks, flowers, swans, mangos and creepers. There are a many types of rangoli designs from which you can choose a perfect one for this coming year 2018. Here are some simple rangoli designs you can try !

Rangoli also has a religious significance, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings and spreading joy and happiness all around. The Divali festival is widely celebrated with Rangoli, since at this time, people visit each other's homes to exchange greetings and sweets. 

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